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How to Be Professional In Any Work Environments

We’ve all heard the word “professionalism,” and we know it’s tied to being professional—but what exactly does that mean? It’s important to understand professionalism, because being professional can take you places in your career—and being unprofessional can cost you your dream job. In the last, we found out what is professionalism looks like in the workplace and how to demonstrate it. So, in this guide, NipponLink Vetnam’ll show you the big dos and don’ts of being professional.

The Dos and Don’ts of Professionalism 

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Here’s a quick cheat sheet to what counts as professional and what may not:

Do: Be accountable.

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One of the cornerstones of professionalism is accountability—showing you are a responsible person who does what they say they will, and on time. Your boss is going expect you to hold yourself accountable for doing your job and meeting deadlines.

Don’t: Say “like” and “um.”

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 Using these filler words too often can make you look as if you lack confidence and therefore, professionalism. (Plus, it can just be really annoying!) The next time you want to say “like” or “um,” take a deep breath. Using these words is usually just a way to take a break from what you’re saying—so practice actually taking that break, and you’ll seem so much more professional when you speak, in meetings or in private!

Do: Share your opinions—carefully.

Think before you speak - Tabitha Dumas | Speak quotes, Think before you speak, Thinking quotes

Employers appreciate an employer that can express their opinions well. But to remain professional, you must know how to have calm, level-headed discussions, and to avoid conversations that could get too heated—for instance, if your office is split on political opinions). Doing this will help you remain professional.

Don’t: Say, “hey guys!” or anything so informal.

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Not only is this phrasing too casual to be professional, but it’s sexist and non-inclusive—and a true professional would speak to all people, no matter how they identify. Consider swapping the casual “guys” for pronouns such as “they” and “their,” or addressing groups by saying something like, “hello everyone.”

Do: Turn complaints into requests.

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Even the most professional employees feel like—and need to—complain, or express when things aren’t quite right. But professionals know how to turn complaints into requests. For example, if you need to speak to an employer about a dealine, don’t tell them it’s unfair; instead, make a request for an extension, and share with them how extending the deadline will make their lives—and your work—so much better.

Don’t: Say, “I need a drink,” or another expression of stress.

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Even if your workplace is uber casual—like an agency that stocks beer in the fridge, for example—saying something like this could put-off your co-workers and worry your boss. Plus, the more you say things like this, the more people will notice and worry about your drinking habits—and that’s not a professional picture to paint of yourself to your co-workers. Keep these sayings to yourself.

Do: Dress well.

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You can show your personality and sense of fashion in what you wear at work. But be sure not to wear anything too revealing, or inappropriate for the office.

Now that you know all about professionalism. There really is no excuse for being unprofessional—even at your first job. Every time you are in the presence of a colleague, you should look and act the part: Always be on time, be courteous, and dress professionally. Or, consider this: Think about where you want your career to go and act like you’re already there. NipponLink Vietnam promises professionalism will help you put your best foot forward at the office and get you so far!

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