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Finding a job in Japan can be a challenge. Finding a good job and company is even harder.

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Part-Time Jobs in Japan for English Speakers

There are tons of part-time jobs in Japan for foreigners in the tourism and service industries that do not require Japanese abilities.

There are more companies than you might expect that hire foreigners.

What are the limits to doing part-time jobs

Depending on your work visa and company, you may have some limitations to the number of hours and types of work you are legally permitted to do.

If you’re on a student or dependent visa, you can only work up to 28 hours, and you’ll need to get work stamp from immigration. If you are married to a Japanese person or are the child of a native citizen, you are able to work any number of hours you like.

If you have a work visa, you are normally limited to work only in the area your work visa designates you to. If you have a “specialist in humanities” visa, you have more flexibility compared to other types of work visas.

People on a tourist visa are not allowed to work in Japan.

What type of part-time jobs are there for foreigners in Japan?

The 8 Most Popular Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

You can find positions as wait staff, cook, hotel receptionist, cleaning staff, fast food delivery, convenience store, retail store, modeling, and as a travel guide. Some coffee shops and cafes are looking for foreign staff as well, like Blue Jam Cafe in Daikanyama. If you can speak some Japanese, you might even be able to get a part-time job in Tokyo at an izakaya or one of the beef bowl places that pay more than $13 or ¥1,400 per hour for those who work after 10:00 PM.

For those with expanded skill sets, you can also find a part-time position in translation, freelance photography, design, programming, or marketing. If you are super lucky, you might be able to find a paid design or marketing internship. Our Caucasian and black male readers can also get a nice gig as a wedding priest. In Japan, Western-style weddings require a non-Asian male to act as the priest.

What part-time jobs pay the most money?

Tiền tệ Nhật Bản

Freelance, translation, and wedding gig jobs normally pay the highest in Japan; as such, they require the most previous experience. For people in university or new to the workforce, your best options for high paying part-time jobs are in teaching children. You can find a job teaching adults, but part-time children teaching positions in Japan normally pay more than other types of positions.

Freelancer Jobs in Japan

What Freelancers Can Teach You About Keeping Your Skills Sharp

There are a good number of freelancer jobs in Japan in the areas of marketing, programming, designing, translations, business consultants, and market entry support. Many companies and agencies are looking for skilled people to help them on large projects that they may not have enough manpower internally to undertake.

Not recommended for entry level or inexperienced workers, but a good potential angle for veterans who are in high demand, can manage their own schedule, and delivery high quality work. Despite many skills, many freelancers struggle to find work or negotiate good wages in Japan.

Online Jobs in Japan

Bí quyết tìm việc online bán thời gian nhanh chóng và hiệu quả | WordPress

There is a limited number of full-time online jobs in Japan. If you have a skill that does not require face to face interaction nor physical paperwork, there is a possibility that you may be able to do it online. Positions that are in high demand from startups like marketing, programming, and designing can all be done easily online.

Some companies even hire translators and content writers full-time as well. The more focused the company is on hiring quality talent as opposed to wanting someone in person, the more likely they will be open to working remotely. I also foresee more and more English schools offering full-time contracts for online teachers in the future.

Most of the supply for jobs are mainly for part-time online jobs in Japan. Many English school are now transitioning to online lessons, but most only pay per class as opposed to full-time. Other examples include an online tutor, tour guide, and virtual assistant.

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