10 powerful habits successful people have that you can start

The secret to success is a question of habit. Here’s 10 powerful habits practiced by NipponLink Vietnam, and a guide for how to perfect them.

The new year (and decade!) always brings a renewed energy. We’re excited about change, eager to set resolutions, and have a newfound willingness to work on ourselves.

However, most people fail to conquer their resolutions because they don’t create new habits around the behaviors that they want to change.

Here is a list of the most powerful habits successful people incorporate into their lives. When you’re committed to not only starting these behaviors but to making them an ongoing part of your life, your potential is truly endless.

1. They work smarter, not harder

15 Effective Tips To Work Smarter Not Harder - nTask

The most successful executives I know don’t log 90-hour weeks. Instead, they look for ways to be more efficient with their time.

2. They value who they are

Here's What Happens When You Believe in Yourself | Inc.com

I truly believe that each of us has our own unique genius: the type of work and thinking at which we are best. The most successful people know their genius well — they value it in themselves, and they seek to use it every day.

3. They continually educate themselves

Article: Good leaders never stop learning — People Matters

Even the most successful people I know are never content with the status quo. They’re constantly learning and looking for ways to grow.

4. They’re proactive about their career happiness

How to Find a Job You Love That Loves You Back | 24 Seven Blog | Creative Recruitment Agency | Staffing

All of us, from time to time, feel stuck or unhappy at work — or have a sneaking suspicion that something’s not working. But successful people don’t let that paralyze them. They get curious, they start looking for data, and they take action.

5. They build their confidence

Be Confident - 5 Ways to Own Your Self-Esteem! | Andres Pira

There are a lot of misconceptions about confidence. Many people think you’re either born with it or you’re not. That’s simply not true. Confidence is a skill, and people who have a great deal of it have typically worked diligently over a long period of time to achieve it.

6. They aren’t deterred by failures

Joseph Smith, Jr. quote: Never be discouraged. If I were sunk in the lowest...

Ask any successful person, and each will have a long list of failures. They aren’t deterred by these stumbles; rather, they learn from them.

7. They ask for feedback regularly

5 Tips For Giving Better Feedback to Your Sales Team | IMPACT

Similarly, the strongest leaders aren’t afraid of feedback — from their peers, their higher-ups, or even their subordinates. Done right, this can be an equally powerful tool for learning and growing.

8. They enjoy the process of their work — not just their achievements

A Three-Step Process to Enjoy Work - IMPACTFUL LIVES

Our society tends to focus on achievements: landing a promotion, scoring a big new client, or making a higher salary. But it’s healthier, more fun, and less taxing to enjoy the process of your work, rather than living for the wins.

9. They don’t listen to society’s rules — they make their own

Old economics is based on false 'laws of physics' – new economics can save us | Working in development | The Guardian

This is all about being who you are — no matter how different that may be from others, your friends, or society. If you can make this a habit now, your career and life will be much happier and better for it.

10. They make health a priority

Why You Should Make Primary Care a Priority - Slingshot Health Blog

Finally, remember that success isn’t just about your work; it’s about you as a whole person. You will struggle to thrive if your health and wellness takes a back seat.

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